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What is CRISP?​

CRISP (Central Region Information Systems Plan) is a long term programme that will centralise the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of patient information across the Central Region's six district health boards (DHBs).

 The aim is to have

 One Portal

One Password

One Patient Record

For every Clinician

At every Facility

Across the Central Region 


Installing regional information systems and applications combined with changes to how health services are delivered with-in and between DHBs, means that, by 2020, all central Region residents will have equitable access to high quality, timely and sustainable health services.


CRISP is a key component of the Central Region District Health Boards' Regional Services Plan 2013/2014 and plays a significant role in achieving the National Health IT Health Board's vision of a national, shared health information model.



Central Regional Services Plan

National Health IT Board Shared Health Information Model



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